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Deluxe Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Lower Back Support Brace Exercise Belt (2XL : (40-47″))


The KL Happiness Double Pull neoprene back support is the most recommended brace on the market by doctors and physiotherapists. Designed by back experts, this braces aim to provide both stability and flexibility to the users. The ingenious design of Double Pull mechanism means the inner neoprene wrap provides the best possible compression, heat retention and comfort, whilst the unique extra strength elastic strap would give you the extra shield of stability and support.

Light Back Brace for Men – Lumbar Support for Lower Back Pain – Belt with Suspenders / Shoulder Straps for Posture


This great NEOtech Care ( TM ) back brace provides a maximum level of support. It has firm elastic side pulls that provide adjustable compression and support. It’s an ideal protection and support for daily usage. Its special design allows you to be engaged in full body motions without feeling uncomfortable.

Bracoo Advanced Adjustable Back Brace, Black, L/XL


Bracoo Advanced Adjustable Back Brace utilizes ultra-breathable/lightweight fabric and 2-section design to allow comfortable usage and avoid skin irritation. Specially designed and engineered steel springs to provide stable back support yet allowing maximum comfort for long-term usage. Adjustable in the front with user-friendly adjusting mechanisms for different level of compression and support during daily activities. Convenient to adjust the compression level without having to take off the back brace.

Dr. Kay’s Back Brace with Removabel Lumbar Pad,size 28″-50″ (71-127 cm)


Adjustable to your shape and compression needs, this quality brace combines exceptional support with superior comfort. Your back will thank you!

Adjustable Deluxe Double Pull Lumbar Brace / Lower Back Belt, Pain Relief, Breathable Material – WIDE Back Support


The double pull WIDE back support is a highly recommended brace on the market by doctors and physiotherapists. Designed by back experts, this braces aim to provide a wider than normal back support.

“NMT Lower Back Brace” ~ Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Remedy ~ New Black Back Support Belt, Posture Corrector for Men & Women ~ Back Pain & Healing


“What Everybody Ought to Know….About Overwhelming Backache Anguish and the New NMT Back Support Belt”

Bracoo Lightweight Back Brace, M(one Size) , Fit 27-36″


Bracoo’s Lightweight Back Brace provides firm support to help relieve lower back pain without restricting movement. Ergonomically contoured elastic springs provide firm support for the lower back while allowing maximum comfort. Special 2 section design allows easy adjustments throughout the day to accommodate different postures and provide adequte compression to the lower back continuously.Ideal for back support for both acute and chronic back muscle pain and inflammation, particularly on the erector spinae muscle group.