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RelaxoBak Back and Tailbone Orthopedic Comfort Cushion- 3 Year “Won’t Go Flat” Guarantee (Warranty)


The RelaxoBak Back and Tailbone Orthopedic Comfort Cushion is designed with a level seating surface. Thus, when seated, the cushion conforms perfectly to your individual body shape aiding in a more stable sitting platform and providing the maximum thickness of dense foam beneath you to give you better support while increasing cushioning and reducing flattening. With the fully open tailbone cut-out in back, your tailbone is better suspended protecting that tender area and relieving pressure on up the spine to help both tailbone and back discomfort.

Wagan IN9788 Ortho Wedge Cushion


Wagan Ortho Wedge Cushion is an orthopedically designed wedge shape to better spine alignment. The cutout section relieves painful pressure on the tailbone. It is made of durable polyurethane foam with a removable, machine washable velour cover. Unlike ordinary cushions, it takes the pressure off vulnerable areas of the back, seat and legs by suspending the tailbone in an orthopedic cut-out, while tipping the pelvis forward. While positioning the spine in a natural lumbar curve, the wedge also protects lower spinal discs from stressful compression, alleviating lower back pain.

LuxFit Premium Back Support Lumbar Soft Seat Cushion 100% Memory Foam – 2 Year Warranty (Navy Blue)


LuxFit Premium Lumbar Support Cushion is ergonomically designed to give excellent back support to help relieve lower back pain and promote good posture. LuxFit Lumbar Support Cushion is highly versatile and can be used at home, at work or when traveling. Reduce lower back pain with this lumbar cushion which offers excellent lateral support while promoting better posture.

Cushina® Memory Foam Seat Cushion – Premium Orthopedic Coccyx Cushion – For Relief Of Lower Back, Tailbone Pain And Sciatica – Medically Proven Lumbar Support Pillow


Here’s The Real Secret To Lasting Natural Back Pain Relief…

Sitting Has Never Felt So Good!

Introducing the amazing Cushina Memory Foam Seat Cushion. Now you can enjoy pure comfort while sitting on any chair, car or even a wheelchair without pain! The Cushina Memory Foam Seat Cushion works by reducing overall pressure on your tailbone, while at the same time promoting a healthy posture with proper spine alignment. This also helps prevent stubborn pressure ulcers as well!

Healthy Back Lumbar Support Cushion Back Support Cushion for Lower Back Pain Relief with Adjustable Strap and Washable Cover Grey


The Healthy Back Lumbar Support is made to support you through travel, work, and relaxation. Its soft, cushioning foam and contoured design were engineered to perfectly support the natural lumbar curve of your spine so you don’t feel the aches and pains caused by prolonged sitting. When we stand, our lower spines maintain a natural contour, but this is often lost when we sit in traditional seats.

Coccyx Orthopedic Premium Memory Foam Seat Cushion (Gray) – Comfort Chair Pillow for Lower Back Pain


Does your lower back or butt hurt from sitting for long periods of time?

Get instant relief from sitting back pain TODAY!

The 100% premium memory foam BE Well Seat Cushion puts an end to all your back pain suffering.

It takes the pressure off of your lower body while you’re in a sitting position.

Unique Imports Lumbar Support Cushion Posture Fix Seat Back Muscle Car Home Office Chair Pain Relief Travel


Perfect for use at home, work, and in the car Ergonomic lumbar support system Attaches to seat with elastic strap Adjusts up or down for the perfect fit Mesh fabric allows air to flow through Made By Unique Imports.