LILIYO Sciatica Pain Relief Car Seat Cushion – For Maximum Lower Back Pain Relief – Pilondial Cyst, Tailbone Pain, Butt Pillow – 2-in-1 COVER SET (Blue & Gray)


“Finally! Immediate Relief and Relaxation, just what I needed for my Tush!” – Real Customer Do you feel uncomfortable when sitting for long periods? Do you constantly find yourself going back and forth, rocking and readjusting to find even a drop of comfort while sitting in your chair? Have you purchased memory foam cushions thinking that you finally found a solution, only to find yourself sitting on a flat cushion after a few minutes? Well, Guess what?! I have GREAT news for you! In fact, you will NEVER have to worry about your seat cushion flattening out, ever again. Your New Liliyo comfort tush cushions are made from premium grade high-density rebound foam, specially designed to maintain firmness and shape, while delivering long lasting relief.

  • LIGHTENING DEAL – THAT’S RIGHT…TODAY, YOU’RE GETTING a GREAT DEAL- Office Chair Cushion Set comes with TWO premium Blue & Gray covers, as our gift to you! We believe that once you start using your NEW Seat Cushion, you’ll be quickly falling in-love & become inseparable with your NEW Best Friend! The additional cover allows use on a non-stop basis (when you need to wash 1 cover, there will be a backup ready to go). For us at Liliyo, it is more than just about delivering the most comfortable & effective Back Pain Treatment Cushions on the market. Our mission is all about our wonderful customers. We want all of you to experience comfort & peace, with & without our cushions, both inside & out.
  • – NO COMPETITION – What separates a Liliyo Coccyx Seat Cushion from the Rest? It’s simple really. Our Coccyx Pillow development first started by talking with & listening to what customers had to say about the low-quality cushions that were out on the market. We identified all of the missing pieces & moved forward with creating the Most Comfortable Pillow Cushion, bundled in sets with a great sales price. Unlike other sellers, we deliver on promises that we make to all of our customers, especially on quality, convenience, & promotional deals unlike any others. You might be asking: “WELL, HOW’S IT DIFFERENT & WHAT’S INCLUDED?” This package begins with a double cover: Each sciatica cushion comes with an inner hygienic white cotton cover & a high quality removable outer velour cover (with a zipper). In addition, 1 FREE high quality removable outer velour cover is included (midnight blue color). Perhaps this attention to detail is what separates us from all the other competitors!