Healthy Back Lumbar Support Cushion Back Support Cushion for Lower Back Pain Relief with Adjustable Strap and Washable Cover Grey


The Healthy Back Lumbar Support is made to support you through travel, work, and relaxation. Its soft, cushioning foam and contoured design were engineered to perfectly support the natural lumbar curve of your spine so you don’t feel the aches and pains caused by prolonged sitting. When we stand, our lower spines maintain a natural contour, but this is often lost when we sit in traditional seats.

Our spines are pressed against the flat surface of the seatback and become flat themselves. This becomes uncomfortable very quickly, resulting in pain and the need to get up and stretch. The curves of the Healthy Back Lumbar Support reinforce and maintain the spine’s natural contour while you sit, eliminating fatigue and pain so you can stand up feeling refreshed after sitting for long periods.

  • Engineered with a contoured shape that reinforces the spine’s natural lumbar curve
  • Features a molded foam core that is comfortable and resists losing its shape over time
  • Small enough to travel with and sturdy enough to use for hours every day
  • Comes with an adjustable strap for easy attachment to almost any seat
  • Easy-to-remove washable cover