Back Pain Solutions and Remedies That Work


The most effective treatments, remedies, processess, and products for back pain relief are identified and addressed in this book .

Back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain: it affects millions every day. There are countless types of back pain, however they generally fall into one of four categories: mechanical back pain, back pain caused by injury, back pain caused by disease and back pain resulting from infection. This book highlights and examines the problems and solutions for each back pain cateogory to include non-invasive treatments.

The most frustrating aspect in treatment of back pain is that there is no “magic bullet.” Most individuals recover completely by simply avoiding strain to their spine. Patients often find help from ice, heat, and medications. If basic treatment for your back pain does not relieve symptoms, the next step is to seek medical evaluation. Depending on the symptoms and the length of the problem, your physician can properly organize a treatment plan and schedule. We point out the best elements of a successful back pain plan.

Back pain has many causes, from muscle strain to more serious conditions such as a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylosisthesis, osteoporosis, so it’s important to find out what is causing your back pain. Understanding the cause of your back pain is the key to proper treatment. Back pain is sometimes difficult to treat, and in this book, we provide a better understanding of what may be causing your condition to assist in your recovery.

Diagnosis of your back pain is usually made after your doctor reviews your medical history, conducts a physical exam, and sometimes uses additional imaging and lab tests. It is important to realize that diagnosis will probably not directly reveal the cause of your back pain. The purpose of an exam and tests for back pain is to highlight the normality and abnormalities of the spine. The doctor will then correlate signs and symptoms with the results of tests and examinations to come up with a diagnosis.

Before jumping to permanent treatments for back pain, such as surgery, doctors
generally suggest non-invasive treatment. Non-invasive treatment for back pain can start with your understanding back pain and can include postural alignment, smart body mechanics in daily chores, and can include some of the conservative treatments listed in this book.