Back brace for Lower Back Pain ★ Self Heating ★ Lumbar back Brace Women


Do you suffer from lower back pain or discomfort?

The lumbar back support brace is great for people who have experience minor muscle injuries, injuries to lumbar discs, sacroiliac joint dysfunctions, and general lower back pain relief.

  • QUALITY TEXTURE: High elastic fiber cloth, fine texture, and soft handle for easy to use.
  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL: Back brace belt has adjustable neoprene double pull braces.
  • FAST RELIEF: Nano infrared thermal acupuncture dot matrix, which heats quickly with a lasting effect
  • BACK SUPPORT: Magnetic therapy will increase blood flow and help to relieve back pain associated with joint and back problems.
  • EASY AIR-FLOW: Vented and breathable elastic side panels.