Awesome Waist and Lower Back Support Brace with Therapeutic Magnets and FAR-INFRARED


This stylish yet extremely scientifically designed back belt provides ideal support to the lower back. It provides warmth, compression, increased blood flow due to magnets, and vertical support to the back – all vital ingredients to provide ideal relief from back aches and weak backs.

It is non-bulky and easily adjustable with an additional adjustment mechanism which provides the right support. There are 20 powerful self-heating tourmaline magnets designed inside the belt (12pcs at the back and 8pcs at the front), which helps to relieve pain associated with joint and back problems by increasing blood flow to the area.

  • Strong, comfortable support AND magnetic power provide Excellent relief from lower back pain
  • 20 magnets stitched aesthetically into non-stretch Neoprene back piece – provides Extra support
  • 2 Vertical ribs + Neoprene back for warmth provide extra support, compression and warmth
  • Double Pull mechanism with strong Velcro supports to give Adjustable and extra strap-on pull
  • Side panels of breathable elastic and thin vented material – ideal non-bulky feel; Color – Black