Amazing Back Brace Belt w/ Free e-Book – Dual Function: Lower Lumbar & Sciatica Support


What makes the Didakay Amazing Back Brace better than any on the market? We have the Ferrari of back braces compared to anything else out there. Read our 5 Star Reviews and see how much people love it! Here’s why:

First, it is a two-in-one brace! 1) Wear it over your shirt for sturdy and comfortable lower lumbar and sciatica support. 2) Wear it against your skin to feel the deep self-heating treatment for optimal back health and healing. The brace provides heat where you need it most.

  • DUAL FUNCTIONING BRACE: SUPPORT AND HEAT: WEAR OVER YOUR SHIRT for lower lumbar, sciatica support, muscle injuries, general low back dysfunction, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
  • HEAT: WEAR ON YOUR SKIN for an hour or two for self heating treatment created by tourmaline and permanent MAGNETIC technology infused in brace which also INCREASE CIRCULATION as the heat penetrates deep into muscles bringing needed and natural relaxation. After an hour or two your back will be pulsating with heat!
  • HELPS SLIM WAIST AND TRIM TUMMY when applied directly to the skin. When the temperature and pressure change, it releases far infrared, negative ions continuously which brings micro thermal stimulated current to your body.